Unlike some of the sports in the world that we come across, skateboarding is all about the equipment. This implies that a person is only as good as the equipment he uses. You can be excellent with skateboards, but if you have a wrong skateboard i.e. in terms of quality and size, then it can hamper your performance which will simply result in frustration.

So, it becomes really difficult to choose the right ones that will match your skills and also help you to improve your game.  Assembling a new skateboard can be expensive as you will need to buy skateboard trucks, skateboard decks and wheels along with some of the other fixtures. Therefore, it is necessary that you engage in a bit of research before you actually buy a skateboard. We put together the ultimate guide in one spot to help you find the perfect cruiser skateboard.

Ultimate Cruiser Skate Board Guide

PictureBrandWeight & SizeRatingsPrice
Quest Fishtail Cruiser3.5 x 8 x 27 inches - About 5.5 pounds4.1$
Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo5.5 x 10 x 44 inches - About 7.5 pounds4.5$$
Alien Workshop Soldier Cruiser32 x 8 x 4.5 inches - About 5.5 pounds5$$$
Globe Hg Retro Ripper6.5" x 23.75"4.9$$$
Globe Hg Pin City Bamboo30" Length - tail kick 9.25" - 5.9 pounds5$$$
Earthwing Supermodel 2014 Drop Thru39" x 9.75"No Ratings Yet$$$$
Landyachtz 92535 inches - About 9 pounds No Ratings Yet$$$$
World Industries Flameboy Custom25.4 x 9.8 x 5.2 inches - 5.8 pounds 4$$
Bahne El Muerto Cruiser5.5 x 10 x 35 inches - 8 pounds3.8$$
Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2Deck L: 39" WB: 27" - About 9 pounds5$$$$
Comet Fsm 40" Eyes40 inch - About 7.5 poundsNo Ratings Yet$$$$
Bahne Big Kahuna35 x 10 x 5.5 inches - About 6.9 pounds4.7$$

* Price column at time of writing (rough guide as prices change regularly) = $ under $50, $$ under $100, $$$ Over $100, $$$$ More Than $200

Types of Cruiser Skateboards

Over the years skateboards have gone under a sea change and these are now available in wide range of formats. The current ones include the trick deck skateboards that are the regular ones and there are the longboards especially meant for cruising. Professional skateboarders are quite aware of the fact that their optimum level of performance is based on the type of skateboard they use, apart from their skills.

In case of amateurs, all kinds of skateboards might appear similar, but there are certain options to look for. Most of the skateboards differ in terms of their lengths and concave depths.

There are two major categories of skateboard – short and long. Lengths and shapes vary between boards and for people who are looking to make some expert tricks, the concave curve on the board is the best feature to have with raised tail and nose for performing complex tricks as an Ollie. There are three different parts of any skateboard – the deck, is the main platform on which the rider stands on, the truck and the wheels that are located right underneath the deck.

Skateboards are commonly referred to as the longboard and the traditional ones. These differ in terms of length of the deck. The most common ones that are used for tricks are the traditional skateboards and these are shorter than 84 cm or 33 inches. On the other hand, longboards are more than 35 inches in length i.e. 89 cm and are generally used for cruising.

Benefits of Using Longboards

Longboards are the skateboard variants that have distinguished and more pronounced wider and longer shapes. People generally use these types of skateboards for numerous activities like cruising, downhill racing, and also going in & around any place. The skateboard variants are much heavier compared to other skateboards, so these are not the ones ideal for performing skateboard tricks.

  • Long boards are longer compared to traditional skateboards and these are ideal for transportation purposes.
  • These boards are much faster and more convenient than bicycles. These are also portable and small, so people can easily carry these around.
  • These skateboards are more stable compared to other skateboards and due to their large wheel base, these can go over large craters and bumps easily.

Reviews of the 5 Best Cruiser Skateboards

Earthwing Supermodel

Earthwing SupermodelWhether it is for free riding or cruising, nothing can beat the Earthwing Supermodel. This longboard has been picked by the experts as an ideal one for cruising both for beginners as well as professionals. This model is popular because it can do so many things quite easily.

This model is an easy cruiser and also allow users to slide easily. The Earthwing model is available in versions that come with 8 as well as 9 ply, but it is the 8 ply version that is known for its flexibility. The choice of the variants depend entirely on the weight of the users and most experts recommend that the 8 ply version is an ideal choice unless anyone is looking to try out much stiff deck. This is an ideal long board for cruising that comes with excellent built quality and quite affordable.

BC Eel

BC EelBC longboards are known for their nautical themes and these are solid beasts. These models have a concave drop-through design and these are rated among the finest when it comes to performing all round actions. BC Eel is known for its flexibility.

This longboard is an ideal companion for those who like to do tricks and it is perfectly capable as a downhill board. This longboard model is known for its superb built-quality and for rough rides and one can also perform slides on this longboards. For people who are inclined on performing numerous tricks, then Eel is a perfect choice.

Landyachtz 925

Landyachtz 925This longboard has a perfect distinction from other boards that comes with a gentle W-concave deck. This concave shape of the deck allows users to stay firmly planted on the skateboard.

The low deck of the board allows users to push the board with great ease. It is stiff and the small size of the board makes it a decent board for cruising.

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Loaded Tan Tien

Loaded Tan TienThis board is known for its solid manufacture with exceptional built quality. Tan Tien is an excellent choice for freestyle riding  and performing flip tricks. If anyone is transforming into long boards from skateboards, then is an ideal choice. It is an all round board and it is ideal for beginners who are interested in performing tricks.

Comet FSM

Comet FSMThe FSM 40“ board is rated among the finest fun boards that are available in the market.

Most users of this longboard believe that Comet’s graphics are simply outstanding. The polarizing graphic on the FSM is a combination of yellow and purple.

There have been issues in the past with these boards due to de-lamination, but it has been taken care of, so people can easily opt for these boards.


If your looking to get the best results and improved performance, then the only way to achieve that is to get hold of the best and the most complete skateboard. There are many skateboard manufacturers and most of these companies sell skateboard trucks, skateboard decks and other essential items. We tried our best to give you the Ultimate Cruiser Board Guide, don’t forget to read our board reviews to find the perfect cruiser skateboards for you.